• Book Review

    When God Doesn’t Heal: 5 Lessons from “Still Waiting” by Ann Swindell

    Book Review: Still Waiting by Ann Swindell

    We’re all waiting for something—a nice plot twist, an emotional breakthrough, recovery from illness, healing in our relationships, a test result, or a better job. There’s no avoiding the waiting season; waiting is and always will be a part of life. It isn’t always hard to wait. But if you’ve been longing for something for too long—unsure of when it’ll arrive or if it ever will—the waiting game could feel like a losing game. Life…

  • Success Stories

    TMJ Disorder: Living, Thriving with Chronic Pain

    Blog Post: Living, Thriving with Chronic Pain due to TMJ DIsorder

    I’ve been living with TMJ disorder since I was 12. Since then, pain has always been my normal. For most of my life, I allowed TMJ disorder to shape my personality, drive my decisions, limit the aspirations I have for myself, and even affect my motivation to live. But I am also wildly ambitious. On good days, when the physical pain is bearable and there aren’t enough triggers to cause me emotional breakdown, I dream.…

  • Intentional Living

    Influencing Your Inner Critic

    Influencing Your Inner Critic | RJ dela Cruz

    Here’s the thing: we all talk to an inner voice—sometimes longer than we talk to other people. This inner voice learns its language from one’s past, especially from the traumatic, hurtful, and distressing parts. As a result, this inner voice usually becomes a person’s own villain, discourager, or critic. Some may argue that a positive outlook is enough to disarm the inner critic. If you’re a believer of this, I highly advise that you stop…

  • Intentional Living

    Power of Showing Up Raw and Honest

    Power of Showing Up | RJ dela Cruz

    It isn’t easy for everyone to open up and be opened up to, especially when you have tons of personal issues you barely know how to handle.  News Flash: everybody has issues.  Another News Flash: everybody has moments when their perceived shortcomings suddenly zoom in and drag them where only their insecurities are visible.  It’s reality, it’s human, and it’s okay. On the other side of the coin, there’s this concept psychologists and life coaches…